Try This With Your Eyes Closed
Released TBA
Recorded 2009-present
Genre Alternative rock
Label Independent

Try This With Your Eyes Closed was A Daylight Phobia's first album, but was cancelled upon it's change into Fures Lucis.


The album was a concept album that would take place in the Dark Solstice Universe and be the first album in the Guillotine miniseries. Confirmed characters included Brandon Cole, Ashley Cole, and the Man in the Mirror.


Following the leaving of Spawn, the creative influence behind the project, Shadonix (the new leader of the band), along with TN, decided it was best to cancel the album as a Fures Lucis' project, instead opting for City of Angels. a project consisting of various cover songs.

Confirmed tracks

The following were all current confirmed tracks prior to it's cancellation

  1. Everlost Asylum
  2. Omnes Te Moriturum Amant
  3. Ashley
  4. A Party With a Gascan
  5. A Gabbly Chat With Three Guys And An Idiot
  6. Retribution
  7. What Would Doogie Do? (An Ode to Neil Patrick Harris)
  8. Hit The Killswitch
  9. The Death of Irony
  10. Guilty Sin
  11. Wrapped In Sleep
  12. Grav's Song
  13. The Man In The Mirror (feat. Zo;Tomana)
  14. False Fault Or a Masterpiece
  15. Mischief. Mayhem. Soap.
  16. Endgame
  17. Ashley (Requiem)