Eric, better known as Toa Nidhiki05 (often referred to as TN, Nid, or any other variation of 'Nidhiki'), is the current bassist for alternative rock band A Daylight Phobia.



TN joined BS01 on September 5, 2008. Eventually, TN became a very active member, becoming a full member of O:RAC before it's disbandment. TN eventually racked up over 1,000 major mainspace edits, at once point the only active non-staff to do so, and became a Featured Member as well.

TN's activity has recently waned on the website due to a combination of lack of new material to edit and lack of time to actually edit.

A Daylight Phobia

After founding member Jaykanu's departure from the A Daylight Phobia, the band was left without a bassist. Although Shadonix was able to replicate it on a keyboard, this sound was not preferable. To solve this, Spawn of Teridax invited TN in December of 2010 to join the band as bassist, and TN accepted.

Musical style

TN prefers Rock, Country, and CCM/Christian rock styles. He uses a 4-string bass guitar.