Fures Lucis
Origins BIONICLEsector01
Genre(s) Alternative rock
Years Active 2009-present
Label Independent
Current Members Shad
Former Members Duran (2010)
Toa leskows (2010-2011)
Iggy (2010-2011)
Spawn (2009-2011)
Av (2011)
Associated Acts Faster Towards The Crown

Fures Lucis (formerly known as The Black Phoenix Effect and A Daylight Phobia) is an alternative rock band based on BIONICLEsector01, currently consisting of Shadonix (keys, synth, backing vocals) and TN (bass guitar), as well as session member Jaykanu (lead guitar).


A Daylight Phobia (2009-2011)

In the words of founding member Spawn of Teridax, 'On July 28th, 2009, I received an email from a friend of mine, who for the purposes of this statement we will call "Jayk". Attached to the email contained a file that for the purposes of this statement we will call a "song." I found myself impressed with this "song" and I begged Jayk to collaborate with me on a couple more songs. We ended up deciding, over the course of the following hour, to name our project.

In the early stages of Fures Lucis, then known as The Black Phoenix Effect, the two decided they would both serve as co-lead vocalists. They also changed the name to A Daylight Phobia, upon realizing another band had was called that.

Spawn of Teridax recalled about the next stage of the band 'Fast-forward a year. Jayk and I decided that neither of us was truly proficient with a lead guitar.... we started recruiting. It started small; we hired Leskows, fresh out of his real life band... At the time, it seemed harmless enough, because, hey, we needed a bloody guitarist. After a while, though, Jayk started getting...quiet. He was doing less recording on drums, bass, keyboard AND vocals, and spending more time focusing on life. So we opened up tryouts for drums and keyboards, positions that were quickly filled by Shadonix and Duran. For a while, we looked like we were in pretty good shape.'

Spawn and Jaykanu recruited Toa leskows to play lead guitar in July, and both Duran (drums) and Shadonix (keys) in August, and with Spawn doing vocals and rhythm guitar and Jaykanu doing vocals and bass, the band became much closer to beginning work on their first album.

However, the band suffered a setback when Duran quit in October after only two weeks in the band, citing issues in real life; ADP thus began the search for a new drummer. In the midst of a search, an even bigger blow was dealt when founding member Jaykanu quit, leaving the band in a scramble to fill both bass and drums. The band promoted drummer Iggy from temp to permanent member, and Shadonix attempted to do replicate the bass on his keyboard. However, this sound was inferior, and the band eventually recruited Toa Nidhiki05 in late December to play bass guitar.

Despite a seemingly set lineup, tension developed within the band over musical style. Vocalist Spawn preferred much more aggressive styles (such as electronicore, screamo, and metalcore) than the rest of the band. With the band threatening to tear apart from within, Spawn decided to channel his more aggressive style into a new solo project, Faster Towards The Crown (originally named To Weaken A Titan). Once again, however, adversity struck the band, as Spawn blew out his vocals recording a cover song for Faster Towards The Crown, forcing Shadonix to take over lead vocals until Spawn's voice could recover.

In April 2011, Spawn of Teridax and Shadonix released (fired) Toa leskows, citing the need for a more active lead guitarist. Thus, the band once again began searching for a new member, with founding member Jaykanu rejoining the band as a session lead guitarist. Later, Spawn and Shad began noticing a lack of activity from Iggy and inquired whether he was still a member of the band. He dropped out, deciding he was too busy. The very next day, however, Spawn's good friend Avlok Mahri joined the band to replace Iggy, leaving only lead guitar open.

During late July of 2011, Spawn of Teridax ultimately decided to leave A Daylight Phobia. Avlok Mahri left as well, leaving the band both two members down and without its main creative force. New band leader Shadonix decided to change the genre focus of the band to alternative rock sans the original hardcore emo feel, an idea which fellow member TN agreed with. They also decided to abandon Try This With Your Eyes Closed (the band's previous project as envisioned by Spawn), believing it would be wiser to begin with a cover album so as to begin building recording experience. After much debating, Shadonix and TN decided to rename the band Fures Lucis (Latin for "Thieves of Light") because Shadonix didn't like the name 'A Daylight Phobia'. The name is a reference to Homestuck, in which the character Vriska Serket's title is the Thief of Light.

Fures Lucis and City of Angels (2011-present)

Shadonix and TN decided that the first album would consist entirely of song covers and would be titled City of Angels, based on a lyric from the song Under the Bridge. So far, numerous songs have been selected for inclusion, with Shadonix and TN both contributing, from various bands including The Killers, Journey, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, and Led Zeppelin. In addition, Spawn has agreed to keep his current project (FTTC) as an affiliate of Fures Lucis, and has also agreed to do a duet with Shad, a cover of 'Under Pressure' by Queen and David Bowie.

After sorting out all of this, Shadonix began searching for musical talent on BZPower and another forum, in hopes of beginning recording as soon as possible.


Originally, the band was to have an alternative rock/hardocre emo sound (more similar to Faster Towards the Crown), as envisioned by Spawn of Teridax. However, internal turmoil over the band's musical style led Spawn to allow a genre change towards what he referred to as 'alternative rock in the stylings of Linkin Park' (a comparison current members Shad and TN both disliked).

After the leaving of Spawn and Av, Fures Lucis has decided to eliminate the emo/hardcore stylings entirely, instead heading towards a more general alternative rock sound, even incorporating instruments such as a ukulele, piano, or acoustic guitar.



Shadonix - Keys, synthesizer, ukulele, lead vocals (2010-present)
Toa Nidhiki05 - Bass guitar (2010-present)
Jaykanu - Co-lead vocals, bass guitar, drums (2009-2010); lead guitar, backup vocals (2011)


Toa Duran - Drums (2010)
Toa leskows - Lead guitar (2010-2011)
Iggy - Drums (2010-2011)
Spawn of Teridax - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar (2009-2011)
Avlok Mahri - Drums (2011)


Studio albums (LPs)

Try This With Your Eyes Closed - Cancelled City of Angels - TBA